Spanking ▶3:17
Good Ol' Spanking ▶10:02
"Spanking Breezes" (1926) starring Alice Day ▶1:35
The Facts About Spanking ▶17:08
Spanking In School? ▶6:42
Sylvester Gets a Spanking!!!!!!!!!!! ▶1:00
Dennis and Barbara Rainey - Spanking ▶4:54
Caillou's Spanking ▶2:07
Texas mom seen spanking son in viral video explains why she won't ... ▶1:54
Girl Chat: Does Spanking Work? ▶8:26
Little House Spanking Threat ▶1:35
SPANKING MY KIDS! (11.9.15 - DAY 273) ▶7:40
'There was spanking involved,' Sunday school teacher admits sexual ... ▶2:24
Your mic is on: "Do you like me spanking your bottom?" ▶1:17
Parental spanking studies ▶1:22
Spanking scene - Mytar (1997) ▶2:21
Types of People After a Spanking ▶2:39
Spanking! ▶1:21
Confronting spanking ▶4:18
Fox News Likes Spanking? ▶3:35
Mother Saves Son From a Spanking ▶8:39
Spanking Good Comedy with Jeff Allen ▶2:15
The Science on Why Spanking Kids is Wrong ▶3:06
The Waltons - Spanking Threat ▶0:48
Spanking ▶2:49
Happy Birthday....Someone gets un spanking! ▶0:12
Ryan: This was just a flat-out spanking ▶2:24
Gangster Spanking ▶0:25
A Spanking ▶0:18
Kansas bill to allow for harder spanking on children ▶1:23
STUDY: Spanking your kids does more harm than good ▶4:01
Yet Another Study Confirms That Spanking Is Bad For Your Kids ... ▶1:27
Uncle Bill Spanking Buffy and Jody ▶1:28
The Waltons - Jim Bob and Elizabeth Anticipate a Spanking from John ... ▶4:48
Spanking ! ビーサンでパチパチパンチ! ▶2:15
Sheldon Spanking Amy - The Big Bang Theory ▶3:26
The Hosts Debate Spanking Your Children ▶6:04
Married With Children s09e28 spanking threat ▶0:55
Miss Jenn Spanking Threat ▶0:59
Sailor Moon Spanking ▶2:54
Dr. Drew talks spanking, mental illness study ▶2:20
91. Spanking & Anecdotal Evidence | THUNK ▶7:56
Discipline Series: Spanking ▶10:04
Spanking Children ▶5:25
50-Year Study Finds Spanking Doesn't Work ▶2:29
Lydia's Holiday Spanking Dare (RAW FOOTAGE) ▶2:25
The Spanking Wars: Effective Discipline or Bad Parenting? ▶7:05
Bewitched - Spanking Threat 2 ▶0:45
The Art Of Erotic Spanking | Quickies ▶1:53
Guide to Spanking ▶6:07
Spanking Fetish ▶36:16
Mad Men - He Needs a Spanking ▶1:34
Spanking Children ▶3:00
Foster Care Update. Discipline & spanking. PATH CLASS 3 ▶25:09
Spanking from Places In The Heart ▶1:19
Spanking Your Children, What The Bible Says ▶1:50
Spanking Research Changes Parents' Attitudes ▶3:04
How to give a spanking (Sensual) ▶6:07
Spanking The Monkey ▶1:39:30
Is spanking appropriate punishment? ▶1:56
Spanking your kids is OK by pope ▶1:32
Fetish Friday | Have you tried Spanking? ▶3:10
Onscreen Spankings: How Films Punished Liberated Women For ... ▶3:33
Creche owner Spanking child ▶0:11
Study:Research on spanking children ▶0:43
Kelly Clarkson Uses Spanking To Discipline Kids ▶3:18
Spanking-Reba style-and my parents. ▶4:48
A Spanking in Paradise Trailer ▶2:02
Experts Warn Against Spanking, Physically Punishing Children ... ▶0:19
3 spanking scenes from "Brides of Christ" ▶6:39
Why Spanking Doesn't Work ▶3:20
Spanking Someone Else's Kid ▶0:49
Step Brothers Spanking ▶1:02
Cardus Family Examines the Evidence on Proposed 'Spanking Ban ... ▶5:54
Tulsa Pre-K Teacher Accused Of Spanking Students ▶2:16
Hollywood Encouraged The Spanking and Abuse of Women ... ▶3:33
Oprah: Hitting, Spanking, Slapping - May 1994 ▶58:59
Spanking, Aggression and Ethics ▶23:06
Jamie can't watch this kid get a spanking! She is horrified ▶3:16
Corporal punishment: Do you believe in spanking? ▶2:56
Spanking and Other Discipline Methods ▶4:14
Crawl spanking scene ▶3:50
Day care spanking caught on camera ▶2:37
SPANKING IN Coronation Street ! ▶0:48
Day care spanking caught on camera ▶2:37
How to Discipline Children Without Spanking | Parents ▶2:28
APA Is Wrong: Spanking Research Is Bogus! ▶2:18
spanking from Oliver Twist ▶4:09
Spanking Debate | Parents ▶4:42
Spanking the Monkey trailer ▶2:02
1980's Girl's Birthday Party with Gifts, Singing, Spanking ▶4:29
"Make Room for Daddy" Implied Spanking ▶1:08
spanking the cat 2 ▶2:26
How to Pronounce Spanking ▶0:16
7 Mile Spanking Machine ▶0:11
Spanking The Kids! ▶6:14


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